Are you fond of Blues, Gospel, Funk, Old School Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Reggae and basketball? Awesome!  You’re in the right place 👍
I always tried to communicate rather than playing music.
I’m not a virtuoso, there are plenty of super fast kids out there, and I love watching their YouTube videos, Instagram reels or TikToks. Ain’t this a beautiful kaleidoscopic world? How many unknown talents are there?

You are my main focus while playing. My goal is to activate a sort of trajectory between you and me, an empathetic link. The songs I write are reflections of my life, my journey on this crazy world. I travelled a lot and met so many people, friends, haters. there’s a little piece of all of them in every note I play…

thank you, Pietro

Taucher's Hammond C3 is a blow-torch of energy ...
DownBeat Magazine June 2009 cover
Frank-John Hadley
on DownBeat Magazine June 2009
Pietro Tauche rplaying Hammond Organ at Theaterstübchen in Kessel, germany

New summer of 2022 upcoming release

music & basketball by pietro taucher LP and digital album

Irreducibile”, a collection of 12 originals
written by Pietro Taucher

– Pietro Taucher: Mag p-2 organ, “Luciano Mark” custom rhodes piano, drums, Wurlitzer spinet piano, Model D synthesizer.
– Enrico Crivellaro, Luca De Toni, Ruggero Robin, Jimi Barbiani: el.guitars
– Rob Daz: trumpet
Chris Pacini: alto sax
– Unknown: tenor sax
Marco Bonutto: percussions
– Stanley Sargeant: el. bass
– James Sexton: drums

Horns arranged by Pietro Taucher

Available soon on LP and digital services

On Tour

Jimi Barbiani Band  

Date City Venue Country
Tour: JBB 2023 Tour
02/19/23 Wageningen Bluesclub XXL Wageningen Netherlands
Time: 8:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: Vadaring 7, EA Wageningen.

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Play Video about Pietro Tauche rplaying Hammond Organ at Theaterstübchen in Kessel, germany
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